About the Blog

Welcome to Casually Political, the blog to help you answer your most basic (and most sophisticated) political questions. Are you eager to be politically involved, but don’t want to get into the nitty gritty? Do you ever feel like the news glazes over details, and you’re left wondering about the background? We’re here to help!

Through this blog we will guide you through the crazy world of politics, in the most casual way possible. 
This blog is a nonpartisan form of information. Your opinion is your own, no matter your political ideology – if you have a question, Casually Political will aim to answer it!

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About the authors…

Miriam Avrutin

Founder/ Content Writer

My name is Miri and I am a political junkie! From a young age, I’ve been head over heels obsessed with politics. I love learning about it, talking about it, and engaging in it. I have always been the go-to person, in any friend group, for political information, opinions and debates. I want to help spread the knowledge, and in this ever polarizing political landscape- provide a unifying platform that seeks to educate rather than influence.

Elise Franck

Content Writer Intern

Hello! My name is Elise. I’m finishing up my degree in political science and am hoping to use it to do good by clarifying, explaining, and informing others about the sometimes very complicated world of politics. I most enjoy diving into big-picture questions about politics (such as, why government? What is the best form of government, and what makes it legitimate?) and exploring how we got to our current government structure and situation. I’m infamous amongst my friends for remaining neutral on most issues, no matter how contentious. When I’m not educating myself and others about politics, I can usually be found with my nose buried in a good book.